Posted 2014-07-13T21:15:36+02:00
Dating Tip: Find a partner with a compatible phone charger.

Comment by Anonymous

V Really? Apple finally switched over to the rest of the world? I had not heard that.

Comment by Anonymous

They are all compatible because all charges have the same connections since 2012. Try again.

Posted 2014-07-13T21:12:38+02:00
Vacuum Cleaner out of order. Needed few people who can ROFL.

Posted 2014-07-13T21:08:11+02:00
I wish I had the confidence of a male flight attendant

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Comment by Anonymous

I'm a male flight attendant. ._.

Comment by Anonymous

Why, what would you confide in him?

Posted 2014-07-13T21:01:54+02:00
Hey ladies breastfeeding in public,...Why don't you ever smile in my pictures?

Posted 2014-07-13T20:55:30+02:00
Just once I want to hear guys in bars look at a woman and say, "Damn dude, I would treat her so fucking right."

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Comment by Anonymous

These guys exist but they're all 'just friends'

Comment by Anonymous

Heck, I would :P

Comment by Anonymous

Substitute "him" for "her" and you would find the kind of guy who would say that.

Posted 2014-07-13T20:41:18+02:00
If this picture of me running a red light is going to cost me $350, they coulda added a dragon and put it in a pirate ship frame.

Posted 2014-07-13T20:38:51+02:00
My boyfriend asked me for anal so I colour coordinated his sock drawer. I know what men want.

Posted 2014-07-13T20:35:00+02:00
That's not funny. My uncle died drowning in pussy.

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Comment by Anonymous

Yeah, he died awhile ago when it was 1st posted. But great job going back a few pages and grabbing something old.

Posted 2014-07-13T20:32:29+02:00
Hey where can I find the terminator action figures? Aisle b, back

Posted 2014-07-13T20:31:54+02:00
orange in the 60s, mus in the 70s, poon in the 80s, wu in the 90s. - the history of tang

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Posted 2014-07-13T20:23:02+02:00
Why don't you make like a tree and use photosynthesis to turn sunlight into energy, then use that energy to fuck off

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Comment by Anonymous

Holy shit you're fucking stupid. Must be another stupid nigger trying to sound intelligent.

Posted 2014-07-13T20:19:42+02:00
Thanks for the sex, but you didn't get the job.

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Posted 2014-07-13T20:17:15+02:00
Hi, welcome to adulthood! You'll be constantly tired except for right before you need to go to sleep.

Posted 2014-07-13T20:16:11+02:00
Girl, this relationship is like the time space continuum. You need time. I want space. But the nudes? You can continuum.

Comment by Anonymous

Even when you try to sound intelligent, you look like a fucking retard. Go hang yourself you stupid, worthless nigger.

Posted 2014-07-13T20:12:15+02:00
Cop: Been drinking tonight, ma'am? Me: No, I'm just dizzy b/c I'm having a heavy flow day. It's really clotty and... Cop: You're free to go.

Posted 2014-07-13T20:03:15+02:00
Cigarettes have warning labels because they are dangerous and addictive yet vaginas are allowed to just roam around freely.

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Comment by Anonymous

Don't worry you are safe from all of them.

Posted 2014-07-11T23:11:51+02:00
This isn't over yet, we still need to know which Sprint framily LeBron James joined.

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Comment by Anonymous

Shut up you stupid nigger.

Posted 2014-07-11T23:11:47+02:00
Some days you can't play the music loud enough.

Posted 2014-07-11T22:32:39+02:00
I just taught my phone the word "fuck". Pretty sure this is what being a proud parent feels like.

Posted 2014-07-11T22:30:03+02:00
What do sleeping and sex have in common? I'm not getting nearly enough of either.


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